Shame on everyone who voted for Drumpf! The Democrats had just made peace with Iran when the abominable Drumpf phenomenon began. Drumpf has just pursued one lunatic policy after another vis a vis Iran (pretty much vis a vis EVERYTHING but perhaps most egregiously Iran), this looks like rock bottom — Drumpf can always go lower that’s for sure!

I watched Marzieh many times on Press TV, she was a very good anchor. It appears she was visiting her brother stricken with cancer (why she is in the US).


Bernie’s so clean that the corporate MSM can only come up with the most ludicrous articles against him. A man ran his hand through a woman’s hair, another woman was asked to sleep with a few men she didn’t know in the same room one night (of course I can understand she wouldn’t want to do that, but it sounds like a night of discomfort no allegations of anything)! And a purported Bernie ally had women fetching him all the accoutrements that he needed throughout the day which “demeaned them” (which he denies)! Maybe some found the article more substantive it reminds me of that strange sex article that Bernie wrote in college I think it was the last time around that no one cared about/went absolutely nowhere!


Sometimes people take potshots at the left it’s allegedly crazy or something (there’s wacky people on every side this is a consequence of having a big tent) — I don’t know how much this news has gotten over here, but The City of London Banker and “populist” Nigel Farage (rhymes with garbage!) has left the UKIP party! Like most of the International Reich at this point I think UKIP is flirting with neo-Nazis and other deplorables on that side of the pond! I guess although raping and looting and pillaging are the simple pleasures of this City of London banker, burning crosses on people’s lawns isn’t something that this bloody bloke likes however after a spot of tea and some scones!

Like any good populist would he announced his leaving UKIP in that “people’s journal” that great organ of the plebs: the Torygraph! It’s behind a paywall though, and so I’ll just post this article.

Nigel Farage quits Ukip over its anti-Muslim ‘fixation’.

Could the Fox Sewer be going international?!! Making/rewriting history in a plethora of countries o’er the world — not just this one!

Future headline could read something like, “Brazilian Favela Residents Elated about Bullets Raining Down Upon Them From the Bolsonaro Junta: US Military Advisers Brought to Brazil These Peace Officer Techniques.”

What a dog and pony show this looks like! What could Malignant Melanoma possibly have to offer opioid addiction affected families? And at Liberty University! Shouldn’t this be at a high school gym or some such in “fly over” small town America?!! Don’t know if Melanoma’s Manolos or I Do Not Care jackets work in a setting like that, though!

Great “populism” from this elitist/wholly out of touch regime!

It seems to me a lot of people viewed the Repiglicans as an alternative to the Democrats in the last election. This was an egregious error! A lot of people are going to be grievously harmed due to that error! The Repiglicans ARE NOT going to do ANYTHING better than the Democrats. The “two” parties are basically controlled by all the same interests, there’s tepid resistance offered on many fronts by the Democrats. The Repiglicans however work hand in glove with the MIC, the polluting industries, big oil, nuclear power, the Evilgelical fake Christian grifters, the Israel lobby, Wall Street, etc. etc. and sometimes want to do things that are even more radical than the plethora of bad things that they — the interests that control them — already want to do! Truly bone-chilling/harrowing to even think about, and yet we’re living it! This is our reality day by day!

Just as Drumpf hates veterans because he’s a cowardly draft dodger and cannot stand to be around those far more courageous him. He’s hated Native Americans for a long time too, didn’t want them encroaching into the casino business many years ago.  (Liked the way he and the mafia were already doing it didn’t want any other “interlopers” involved.) He defamed these superlative Navajo heroes — inserted a slur against Native Americans and one of his ignoramus bullying comments into a ceremony intended for honoring them — because only a dead “red” is essentially a good one to Drumpf!

Drumpf should have resigned — or been impeached — long ago I think he should resign over just what a disgrace that he was with the Navajo veterans the other day!

Repiglicans are depraved, immoral, venal, backbiting, double-dealing, and revel in disloyalty (we’ve heard that Papadopoulos flipped very easily and moreover was a loquacious and willing rat, not confirmed yet but it sounds as if much the same with Flynn)! They may appear to be human but they have like a velociraptor’s soul, or lack thereof really!

Probably the humane thing to do is round ’em all up, put ’em in a cage and feed raw meat to them!

Drumpf is FAR more radical than even a stock/bog standard Repiglican it turns out! In his slavishness in relation to the globalist corporatocracy! 81% of Democrats and 73% of Repiglicans support net neutrality! 98.5% of the comments that came in from the public were in support for net neutrality! (Unfortunately, for us too few gajillionaire Repiglican donors such as the wholly and utterly repugnant Cock brothers.) So much for Lincoln’s maxim, “…a government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.” Lincoln never envisaged an abomination like the fascist usurper Herr Drumpf!

And speaking of maxims and fascism Mussolini’s comes to mind, “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of state and corporate power.”

A lot of these dead-enders for Drumpf in the “alternative media” — after Drumpf is impeached, I think are still hoping he’s going to start his own TV channel, and they’ll be personalities on it!

And although I wouldn’t put money on it I suspect Drumpf will start a TV channel! And especially when considering that that’s all he ever really wanted fame/to be in the media! (He didn’t want to run an entire vast nation.) I have to laugh when he bashes the media and Hollywood, and that’s because IMHO he absolutely loves the both of them!