Jimmy’s parties always bring the sick puppies out of who knows where; the liars, the rogues, the drinkers, and the thieves. Jimmy had been having this party semi-annually for many years now, and it always got upended when the fuzz beat down his door. Armed to the teeth, they’d break right on into Jimmy’s doorway; looking for kickbacks, they acted as if they ruled the Jimmy’s modest house. The party would start right on up and going gangbusters again, unabated, after the pigs unceremonious but more than welcomed retreat.

This wasn’t the type of event with your run of the mill limbo, and parlor games. It had fire breathers, knife throwers, and carnival freaks of every shape and kind. The piercers, the tattoo enthusiasts and raver weirdos, were all fully represented at Jimmy’s party, as well. Of course, these hep kids wanted to be seen at Jimmy’s party, and Jimmy had the whole lot of these zanies on file in his cell.