Never before had I realized how the Salem Witch Trials could have occurred in this country, until the Republican National Convention 2008. That’s when Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin took the stage, and mindless throngs of people went insane with delight, taking in with glee, every trite and hackneyed phrase that she breathed into life. As they (the Republicans) burned their opponents Barack Obama and Joe Biden in effigy, hell’s favorite hockey mom had just newly expanded her base. Previously it had been reserved to the frozen tundra of Artic Alaska, a little known state that remained in the union because of its oil, now it had come full circle (she was born in Idaho) boomeranging back to the lower 48. Palin-mania seemed to have broken out, all over the land. It seemed to have come to every right-wing kook in a pick-up truck all across this country. Things like diversity, science, civil liberties, free speech, will soon be forgotten practices of the distant and unrecognizable past. Their replacements homogeneity, creationism, a ‘strict constructionist’ judiciary and an ‘ownership’ society.

It’s only a matter of time before boorish gangs, with flag lapel pins, take over as far as one can venture out ‘oer the land. Subduing who and whatever attempts to circumvent their authoritarian hold on power. A veritable Gestapo doing the bidding of every a.m. radio dj, with a stainless steel microphone, and a set of right-wing talking points. There will be one major media outlet, and the President will lead a national pig roast on each official holiday (there will only be three left, because it’s more profitable to be working). Most forms of education, save Bible study, will be vetoed out of the national curriculum, and the youth will be brainwashed to believe in eternal war with the barbaric, heathen, dark-skinned nations.

The Earth will, by this time, have raised its temperature by a great many degrees (don’t you know Global Warming isn’t man made?), and most national parks will have been clear cut, or drilled into unrecognizabilty in the ever increasing hunt for the last remaining drops of domestic oil. “Drill Baby, Drill” will have replaced E. Pluribus Unum. Women will have been returned to the kitchen, and African-Americans will be put back in their ‘place’. The neoconservative Christian-right project will be wrapped up in a neat, nice little clean package, and the right-wing dystopian ‘nation’ will be known as American Enterprises Inc. All communities, outside of the gated ones, will be irreparably deteriorated, and the wandering poor will blight, the previously pristine, landscape. Supporters of John McCain will have to live with these results on their consciences, perpetually, should they choose to vote for the McCain/Palin ticket in the forthcoming election this November. One wonders if anyone who could vote for such an abysmal, cold hearted, mean spirited ticket, even has a conscience, however, in any way, shape or form, whatsoever.