I know that no Hollywood big wigs are going to see this, but this is my best means to get this idea out to a wider audience. Maybe through some process of osmosis this idea could get into the right hands.

I’ve actually only fairly recently seen the Alien movie series, and I found the series overall pretty disappointing. I’m a fan of science fiction and I had wanted to see it for some time, but, even though I didn’t like it, I think there’s enough there with the storyline, and the creature (which I liked) for a really great movie to eventually be made. So my idea, it’s really a very simple one, is to remake the orginal Alien movie (or, I’m actually just thinking of this now, make Alien 5). And I think that Peter Jackson (or someone of his calibre who does big time blockbuster movies really well), would be the director to do it. I don’t know that he’s worked in science fiction before, but I think that he’s more than capable to do it. I think he could put together an excellent movie.