As usual Barack Obama’s (in his speech today) talking about nothing relevant to anyone (any regular person anyway). No mention of why we have to spend $700 billion on Wall Street, yet we can’t give health insurance to all our citizens. No mention of how he’s going to create living wage jobs, if elected president (considering we can give $700 billion to Wall Street). No mention of giving the American citizens an ownership stake in these companies (something the private sector would certainly demand, it’s good for them but not the American people!). I mean there are 700 billion more urgent needs in this country, than giving this money over to Wall Street!

And where is personal responsibility in all this (something Republican-lite Democrats like Obama and conservatives love to talk about)? Why don’t the criminals who deregulated these financial practices (like Bill Clinton and John McCain) pay? Why should a postal worker in Kalamazoo, Michigan for example have to pay? Obama is the worst kind of corporate Democrat. This guy goes around talking about Main Street, I don’t think he’s ever been there! Why doesn’t this guy just go back to smoking reefer in Hawaii. I’m just so sick of Obama, and his Republican-lite views! I can’t believe anyone who calls him or herself progressive would go to the polls and actually vote for this swindler! This bailout, makes it clear as crystal that this country needs a third progressive party!