It occurred to me that the Democrats smartest option (when have they ever pursued their smartest option before) is to do nothing, while acting like they are pursuing the bailout in good faith; and when negotiations break down, they should blame the Republicans entirely for this financial collapse! The Democrats should blame the collapse on Bush and the Republicans, by saying this is just an extension of Bush’s policies and deregulation (market fundamentalism, etc.). And then in ’09 with a Democratic president and congress they could more easily put together a plan to revive the country. This plan would be wholly Democratic, and if it succeeded, it might lead to electoral victories for many years to come.

But the Democrats (not that I really care much anymore because I don’t think they’ll be different), would never be shrewd enough to do this. They are never shrewd enough to pursue a winning strategy! So there’s no chance they’ll do this, it’s just a ridiculous plan.