I watched the video of Jack Cafferty skewering Sarah Palin on one of her answers to Katie Couric, and I couldn’t help thinking of that great movie icon Howard Beale. Somewhere along the line, Jack Cafferty lost it. He went from straight journalism to curmudgeonly unleashing his anger on the greatest scoundrels in Washington today. Maybe some progressives don’t like him (he seems to loathe liberal and conservative politicians alike), but let’s face it there’s plenty to dislike about nearly every Washington politician (except for Dennis Kucinich and a handful of others). He’s one of the few in the mainstream media to voraciously criticize presidential signing statements, Bush’s encroachment on civil liberties (his complete disdain for the Constitution for that matter), the control of our government by special interests, warrantless wiretapping, Dick Cheney’s efforts to have Vice Presidential records destroyed, and nearly everything in the long laundry list of Bush crimes that we all know too well.

He has his downside (for one thing he likes Ron Paul, who I think is insane), but he generally tells it like it is, he doesn’t sugarcoat things, and he seems to have more outrage at politicians than any other person on national TV. I say he’s good for journalism, and he’s good for the country; even though I probably disagree with his stands on many of the major issues facing us today.