Why aren’t the Democrats pushing a liberal solution to this crisis (a New Deal or Great Society Two)? Instead they tell us that $700 billion dollars must go to Wall Street so that working families will be able to get credit. This seems like an unfair trade off for working people (Wall Street $700 billion dollars, Main Street the ability to get credit). If we are preparing for a great depression, why don’t we shore up the domestic agenda at home (remove troops from Iraq, reduce them in Afghanistan, decrease military spending to focus on domestic initiatives in this time of national crisis, a public works program, a national commission on returning living wage jobs to the rust belt and the heartland, repeal Taft-Hartley and make it easier for workers to form unions, medicare for all, free higher education for all Americans, revitalizing our inner cities, living wage legislation, mandating companies give 4-6 weeks vacation to workers at their jobs, and there could be much more)? I don’t claim to be an economic expert, but if someone can tell me why my solution is wrong, please spell it out for me. The banksters have made their bed, and now they should lay in it too. The ‘party of the people’, the Democrats, should not be flogging this trickle down prescription to the American people.