Why do otherwise perfectly sane and rational progressives, fall in line behind the Democratic Party leader (this time a charismatic one) every four years? The last time the Democratic Party responded to something bottom up was the Watts Riots of 1965. The party has made a criminal history, out of letting the hope and dreams down of the left-wing of the party (you might as well call this the left out of the party). Barack Obama hasn’t come out and supported any of the progressive positions of the party (fair trade, single payer universal healthcare, reduction of the military budget, an end to the war on drugs, an end to supporting right-wing despots and tyrants around the world, an end to working against leaders working for progressive change in their countries, free higher education, restoring the Constitution that Bush shredded, an even-handed policy with Israelis and Palestinians, reparations for African-Americans, living wage, freeze on nuclear power, and much much more). The only candidate who was flogging any of these issues (John Edwards), was soundly blacked out of the media, and mathematically eliminated, very shortly thereafter.

Barack Obama is advancing more of the same, but with a better marketing campaign (maybe not more of Bush, but more of not meeting the needs of the country). Barack Obama (I’m sorry to say it) is a corporation in a suit. Viva neoliberal soft fascism! Should be the slogan of his campaign. If progressives only look to stopping the right (instead of advancing the left), we’re essentially betting against ourselves; by supporting these middle of the road Democrats (I’m not opposed to voting for the few progressive Democrats such as Dennis Kucinich).

I don’t have all the answers (I don’t claim to be omniscient), but Barack Obama is not an answer; he’s more of what’s gotten us to the present state. If you’d like to have a president that might be only slightly farther to the left than Bill Clinton (and this is being hopeful), then go ahead and cast aside your beliefs in November at the polls. I can’t say if you live in a swing state, to follow what I’m suggesting, but for everyone else who’s even considering supporting the Obama campaign, well, I’m not sure if you’re completely sane.