The stock market dropped a whopping 777 points today (isn’t this the antithesis of 666, is this a sign of the Apocalypse, or perhaps the dawn of a new era?), and probably everyone with a copy of Das Kapital breathed a sigh of joy. But now that this is where the banksters have got us, how does the country move onward from here? Many idealistic and Utopian societies have been conceptualized by the world’s all time greatest men (and women too), isn’t this the time to take one of these creations out of the box for a spin? If we are to believe what the talking heads and the media stenographers are telling us (which of course we should never do), isn’t it worth giving a new way of being a whirl?

The old way only ended (assuming capitalism is over) because the logic of the system (free market, deregulation) closed in on itself, and left all the ‘little ones’ holding the bag. Then the congressional ‘leaders’ asked the little ones to bail out the bankster capitalists to get the whole thing started up and a movin’ once again. But the little people revolted against their political chieftains, because they didn’t like the banksters and politicians and major media and Wall Street telling them what to do. Having gotten to this point, one would think the masses would pose the critical question, of why don’t we take a journey down another path that might end up a better way? Why don’t we try a system where the few don’t start out holding all the cards, and the many don’t have to work their pretty little fingers, just to get a slice of massa’s pie?

The right-wingers will say it’s more social engineering by those nutty moonbat lefties, but this is what they always say anyways, about nearly every social change  (at least the ones they don’t like). I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live in Candide’s El Dorado, now we can give making that society a real college try. Of course, our leaders don’t have the aptitude or foresight to actually do what I’m suggesting (and the people are too busy entertaining themselves to death to care one bit at all), but if any time were the moment to begin an innovative new way for human society, I say that no time is like the time of the present.