I think Sarah Palin is going to be the next president after Obama, and, in my opinion, it will be World War 3 if/when she takes office. I think Obama’s going to win in 20 days (unless McCain steals it which I’d say the odds are about 60/40, 60 it won’t be stolen 40 it will), but Palin will come back to run again in four or eight years, and she will win the election then. I think she’s become a joke to a lot of liberals and pretty much anyone at all to the left of center, but I don’t think she’s a joke to the right-wing and the Republican base. Instead they seem to be hanging on her every malformed word (if anyone has seen these internet viral videos of various McCain rallies they know what I’m talking about), and defending her abysmal performances with the ‘elite media’ (some of the most softball ‘journalists’ in America). The question is what do the people in the middle of the spectrum think of her? I think they have started to turn on her, but I think she could recapture them (with the right coaching and handlers) in a future election. Just put Karl Rove in charge of her campaign and you’ve got another 50/50 split of the electorate, then the Rethugs just need another Florida or Ohio to turn the election their way.

How did George W. Bush get elected? The first time I ever saw him I thought he was a fool and a blunderer and an inept silver spooner frat boy. He’s an Andover cheerleader, dry hole drilling oil ‘magnate’, and the infamous baseball owner who traded Sammy Sosa and ripped off the Arlington, Texas taxpayers on an athletic stadium boondoggle. Then he stole the election (he was able to get enough votes to do it). Palin excites the exact same people that George W. Bush does. Plus she’s the genuine article, Bush played like he was a working class Joe (or Jane whatever the case may be), but Palin really is (or least was I think she and her husband are worth over a million dollars today, but they come from modest means). Middle America, the Christian right, and working class conservatives love her; I say she’s a real threat in future elections, and I predict she will be President in four or eight years (four if Obama is Jimmy Carter, eight if Obama is more Clinton-esque). I don’t know if progressive forces should already be mobilizing against her, but I’m just writing this to say, I don’t think this is the last we’ve seen (or will be seeing) of the Hockey Mom from Wasilla.




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