Michele Bachmann made her intentions, on Hardball, unmistakably clear. We now know who’s going to oversee (hopefully not, maybe she won’t be re-elected and she’ll just return to whatever cloistered existence she was leading before engaging in the mayhem and destruction, and other diabolical activities that she currently pursues in Congress and on cable news programs), the Reich wing witch hunts that are going to be taking place all over this country. We can now expect the hunting down, and concomitant merciless prosecution of thought crime, precrime, and perhaps the worst of the triumvirate, guilt by association (particularly for those who fraternize with members of the Weather Underground, the Black Liberation Army, the Symbionese Liberation Army, several prominent Beat writers, and other like-minded individuals and organizations).

Since when have Republicans been interested in preserving, and encouraging investigative journalism (don’t they ultimately want there to be only Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, and AM hate radio, I’ll also throw in the Washington Times, not that anyone reads it?)? I guess when it comes to investigating such things as the ‘left-wing’ connections of liberal members of Congress, the Rethugs are wholeheartedly for a vigorous Fourth Estate. Leave it to a surrogate for the McCain-Palin campaign (who here, here, and here one can observe the xenophobia, islamophobia, and downright stupidity of the campaign’s supporters), who seem to be attempting to gin up an assassination attempt on Barack Obama, to bring back one of the darkest practices in American history (McCarthyism). Bachmann probably has little sense of who McCarthy was, I doubt she has much sense of U.S. history in general (she appears to have no knowledge of what the Founding Fathers or the Constitution were/are all about), or who are identified as some of the greatest wrongdoers in it.

Please Michele Bachmann go away, and leave politics to people who have some understanding of free speech, that the government shouldn’t pursue so-called thought criminals (and precrime), what liberal means (it doesn’t mean left-wing extremist), what it means to love this country and defend its founding principles, and what it means to foster democracy, and democratic values; not take them away for the myopic interests of a small minded, jingoistic, militaristic, greedy, racist, and uncompassionate political party that has the interests of the extreme wealthy and few others as its principal motivations. Michele Bachmann, would you like to have someone going through all the associations you’ve ever had in your lifetime? Based on what I’ve seen of your thoughts and actions I’d say there have been quite a few nefarious and mal-intentioned individuals in it. Those who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones.




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