John McCain, must have missed Econ 101 while he was over in that prison cell in the Hanoi Hilton. What in God’s name is this man talking about? Barack Obama is a middle of the road, timid centrist Democrat, who was mentored by Joe Lieberman (one of John McCain’s best friends and his rumored Vice Presidential choice, who the Christian right vetoed) when he first came to the U.S. Senate. He’s not the second coming of Kwame Nkrumah! This government just gave over $700 billion of hard earned taxpayers’ dollars of working class stiffs like Joe the Plumber (who McCain claims to be taking up the banner for) to create a welfare program for some of the wealthiest institutions in society! If we were going to eschew socialism, that ship sailed a long time ago (although I actually think this plan was more reverse socialism than anything Vladimir Lenin would have endorsed)! Although the bailout plan took from the poor and gave to the rich (reverse Robin Hoodism), it was still clearly a form of state intervention in the economy that purist free marketeers should have stood against.

So where were you John when our ‘public servants’ (it was tremendously unpopular with the American people) were passing the bailout bill? Why weren’t you standing up against this act of ‘socialism’? If the middle and working class can’t have a tax break, than why do Wall Street institutions get to have a welfare program? The McCain campaign has surely reached the point where it is operating on nothing but fumes. Unfortunately there’s still enough time left in the campaign more of these wild campaign ‘strategies’; but I think today was the day that the John McCain campaign jumped the shark, and gave in to the idea that all they have left are bizarre, irrational, hail mary type tactics to, by some unknown undisclosed method, magically procure the White House.