I thought personal responsibility was a capitalist tenet? Because if it’s not America should have as generous and as developed a welfare state as the Scandinavian countries (if we have an endless trough of money to bail out moribund corporations). Anyone who saw the movie Who Killed the Electric Car, knows why GM is bankrupt. GM was actually ahead of the Japanese companies on electric and hybrid technology! But GM and Big Oil, just couldn’t stand for the development of alternatives to the behemoth gas guzzlers (with emissions that cause all kinds of health problems for kids and others btw)! They had to put the kibosh on cars that could have started this country in a whole new direction!

George W. Bush has said America has an oil addiction, but did Bush and people like the executives at GM do anything to change that? No, of course they didn’t, in fact they nurtured America’s oil addiction, and made it into even more of a dependency! For drug users, and other addicts that kind of treatment is known as enabling! GM is now bankrupt thanks to its political enablers, and it  doesn’t deserve a single taxpayer dime! I say if cars are going to be made in America let new start-up companies build them (or at least bring in a whole new management at the existing companies) that are forward thinking, and are capable of building the more environmentally friendly cars of the future. The American auto makers were content to suckle at Big Oil’s tit, so let them pay for their shameful transgressions! We’ve bailed out America’s crooked financial bankster swindlers, are we now going to bailout the Earth annihilating SUV builders too? These opportunities should be taken to move in the country in a whole new direction, not as band-aid solutions for more of the same (which Barack Obama has so many times said he’s running against, we’ll see if/when he takes office).

p.s. If there is any kind of bailout, this Ralph Nader article outlines some of the provisions that should be in it. But enablers often are incapable of getting tough enough with addicts, so it wouldn’t surprise me if there is a bailout, and the tough provisions that are called for are not in it.