There’s been a lot made in the MSM about how Bill Clinton has not campaigned with the appropriate enthusiasm, and energy for Barack Obama. Much of the speculation that I have seen has attributed this to Obama beating Hillary Clinton in a hard fought Democratic primary battle. But, in my opinion, there’s another reason why Bill Clinton is not head over heels in love with Barack Obama. Sometimes people who are too much alike tend to not really get along swimmingly with each other. I think there’s a bit of that going on here.

Bill Clinton has been used to being the most charismatic U.S. politician for more than a decade, Barack represents an able competitor to his position of power. No longer will Bill Clinton be the ‘rock star’, the darling of the talk show circuit, the beauty queen amongst ‘Hollywood for ugly people’. Bill Clinton finally, after all these years, will have to take the second or third position on the American political scene. George W. Bush even at the height of his popularity, could not hold a candle to Bill Clinton’s political acumen. And George W. Bush’s strength was always on the right, I’m not sure if he ever surpassed Clinton amongst Democrats and moderates.

Often times old and aging rulers have trouble renouncing their power. Bill Clinton didn’t try to change the Constitution or anything to hold on to the presidency for more than two terms, but he was able to hold the position of the number one American political figure for many years after his presidency had come to an end. A Barack Obama presidential win represents the beginning of Bill Clinton being sent to the back of the bus. The start of Bill Clinton’s star fading, and Bill Clinton becoming yesterday’s news in the American political arena. Bill Clinton doesn’t like being yesterday’s news, so it’s no surprise he’s not taking up the banner enthusiastically in support of Barack Obama’s campaign to be president.




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