When checking Google News for stories on the UN overwhelmingly (185 member states voting to end the embargo) voting against the Cuban embargo, I did not see many U.S. sources (which I was only aware of because I regularly check Iranian news site Press TV, it doesn’t seem like I should have to go to an Iranian media outlet to get informed on something that took place at the UN!). The Associated Press did report on it, but not many American papers seem to have picked up the story. Would it be damaging to this callous, and mean-spirited embargo policy to make the American people aware that the whole world is against us on this issue?

The coalition of the willing in this case consisted of ourselves, Israel, and Palau (with eminent world powers Micronesia and the Marshall Islands abstaining). Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque said the new US president, “will have to decide whether to concede that the embargo is a failed policy which each time creates greater isolation and discredits his country or whether he continues, with obstinacy and cruelty, to try to wear out the Cuban people with hunger and diseases.” Sound familiar? Can anyone think of the War in Iraq!

Should one Republican voting block in Florida really force this country to continue such an outmoded, hard-hearted, and divisive policy? Obama has talked about negotiating with leaders of every stripe if he becomes president, but he has not called for the lifting of an antiquated embargo, that serves no purpose other than to satiate the desires of the rapacious wealthy class that happily supported the dictator Batista before they were driven off the island in the Cuban Revolution. We trade with Red China (who are hardly red anymore, but they are still a brutal dictatorship nonetheless I dare say much more so than Cuba), why not trade with reds not very far south of our border?

What will it be for Barack Obama should he become president? Continue to placate Cuban Republican voters in Florida; or take the appropriate course of action, which is to trade with Cuba, and engage them on issues where we might have specific points of disagreement.