I’ve been hearing a lot from progressives and other left of center folks, about how Barack Obama is being lampooned by the right as a Socialist, or a Swedish social democrat or whatever the current slanderous allegation of the day might be, that is being levied against him (I happen to think both these allegations couldn’t be any farther from the truth, they’d really call Obama a socialist if he put taxes on the extremely wealthy at 90% where FDR had them). I’m sort of in the works on a theory (I’ve yet to see it disproven), it’s kind of a working hypothesis really, that the right has no use for facts; the right-wing flat out doesn’t believe in using them (they have there own so-called facts but they are often not correct, they are more like messages repeated over and over and over again).

This is why there have been so many attacks on the corporate media by the John McCain campaign. I happen to think the ‘mainstream’ media is conservative, center-right at best, but the fact is some of the reporting that goes on within it is still more or less acceptable. Such as when Sarah Palin was going around lying about all sorts of things she supposedly did or did not do (such as support the Bridge to Nowhere), I think the mainstream media; in that case, actually performed rather adequately, did not fall down on the job, and cut through Palin’s smokescreen of half-truth and deception. And for the media’s efforts we heard the typical baseless allegations, coming from the right-wing, that it (the MSM) simply likes (out of some intrinsic maliciousness against her) having a bone to pick with poor little defenseless old Sarah Wasilla (presumably because she’s not an elite, which couldn’t be any further from the truth).

We see this record play over and over again, of scurrilous, baseless attacks levied against middle of the road Democratic politicians (real liberals such as Russ Feingold or John Conyers don’t even seem to come up on the radar screen of the right-wing echo chamber), in addition to the many attacks aimed at the elite corporate media. If a progressive agenda is ever advanced in this country (which I don’t think Barack Obama is proposing or will propose unless a large scale movement developes during his administration) these folks are going to hoot and holler, as if someone is trying to do great harm to their litter of baby kitties! The majority of this country is more on the liberal side of most issues, I don’t care what the corporate media says about a conservative America or a center-right country! So these shrill righty nutbars, simply need to be ignored by those of us who see ourselves on the left hand side of the spectrum! The hard right will play no constructive purpose toward leading America down the path of a more progressive direction for the country. Liberals and progressives need to get over, the hysteria of the right, that it will always be out there; indeed it will only get worse, if the best parts of our agenda ever come to fruition as we’d, of course, like to see occur one day soon.