Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul should run together in the next presidential campaign (I don’t care who’s on the top of the ticket, they can hold an internet election or some such for all I care). They are in agreement on enough issues that (if elected) they could abolish the Federal Reserve and create interest free money for this country, do an investigation (not a cover-up) into the 9/11 tragedy, decrease the military budget, end the American empire and U.S. global hegemonic ambitions, remove troops from countries distributed all around the world, put an end to destabilizing governments that are attempting to work for change in their countries (such as Venezuela and Bolivia), get a federal standard for elections and a return to paper ballots, promote policies to treat addiction as a medical (not criminal) problem, install nationwide run-off or instant run-off voting, repeal the Patriot Act and restore the civil liberties that Bush has eviscerated, prosecute the Bush war crimes and criminals, end the War on Drugs, stop forcing the taxpayers to be the benefactor of last resort for moribund and incompetently managed corporations, decriminalize marijuana (and perhaps some other controlled substances), get the United States out of NAFTA and the World Trade Organization, and probably a whole lot more that I can’t think of just this minute.

Kucinich and Paul certainly disagree on a lot, but if you throw half progressives and half libertarians into a room (for a battle royal, lol), maybe they can work out something on issues such as health care (where Kucinich is for single payer, and Paul is for even more of a for profit system). A crazy idea, but I think they’d get a higher percentage of the vote than any other possible third party/non-duopoly tandem (well perhaps Nader/Paul or McKinney/Paul could also work, as you can see I’d like to see the progressive on the top of the ticket, but I just want to see the duopoly face any kind of challenge to its nefarious stranglehold on power), and if they could get into the debates, which I admit is not likely based on the fact that an iron-fisted duopoly front organization currently controls them, well who the heck knows what could happen!