To all the wounded bloggers, Obama campaign activists, dyed in the wool progressives, and lesser evilism voters out there, who have been firmly and resolutely betrayed by a good deal of what Barack Obama had campaigned on; I’m sorry for all you folks (you’re going to have to get used to living with a lot of blood on your hands!). I don’t have a mind sick enough to have imagined what Barack Obama would do, just in the days leading up to even before he will officially take on the role of ‘our’ 44th President! Who would have known the wasted vote would be the vote for Barack Obama, and not the vote for the far superior candidates (McKinney and Nader, even conservatives like Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin raised far weightier and more consequential issues than Barack Obama did, while out on the campaign trail), who had no real chance of winning; and were marginalized and ridiculed by a corrupt, consolidated, anti-American, and anti-democratic ‘mainstream’ corporate (or corporatist) media.

We haven’t seen the slightest trace of a progressive in the Obama cabal er I mean cabinet. We’ve seen largely the same cast of ghoulish and ‘centrist’ (aka conservative or New ‘Democratic’) characters that Bill Clinton had, and nearly without exception, when we haven’t see a Clinton subaltern (or crony) it’s been someone far to the right of where the liberal blogosphere and the base of the Democratic Party stand. Leaving hawkish Iraq war criminals like Joe Lieberman to comment, “Everything that President-elect Obama has done since election night has been just about perfect, both in terms of tone” and substance. Indeed, it’s looked like, Obama has been constructing the Joe Lieberman administration (and that is who has won the (s)election), and not at all what he described with the change message that he had, while out on the campaign trail (unless, of course, if by change we actually mean, more of the same).

Obama’s audacity (of hope?) seems to have left him brazen enough, to proclaim to liberal bloggers, ‘I am the change’! Oh no, all this fame and Paris Hiltonian-like cult worship seems to be going to his head! He’s starting to sound a lot like a Jim Jones, David Koresh-type of figure (I hope this guy doesn’t lead the country down the road of drinking tainted Kool Aid or into a firefight with not even the slightest chance for a win!). I’m an agnostic, but I’m seriously considering starting to take up a daily prayer regimen! That’s how bad things are getting out there. I’ve never been so frightened for my freedom and my country as I was during the rule of these dictator-like Bush criminal gangsters (aka presidential administration), but thus far Obama is showing us he plans to clearly be the worst ‘Democrat’ (in name only) ever to hold the office of United States President (and he’s got big shoes to fill, I haven’t forgotten about all the prisons that Bill Clinton built, his throwing people out into the streets and off of welfare, how he worked with death squads in Haiti, all the civilians he OKed to be murdered in Serbia, and many of his numerous other disreputable transgressions).