I know it’s going to be hard Barack I know you’re sold out to Raytheon and Lockheed Martin (and other such organizations all working for change), but maybe a pang of conscience will force you to do the right thing in this case (if in fact you have a conscience, which with each passing day seems less and less likely!). I was just reading an article (in a foreign newspaper of course, the U.S. corporatist press doesn’t allow in any of this kind of real truth or information) about a farmer in Laos who lost both his legs while farming rice on his property. He was waiting for prosthetic legs to be constructed for him, and he was hoping to begin farming again as soon as he acquired them, (as he had before he encountered the unexploded cluster bomb left behind by the good ole U. S. of A) to feed his wife and family (of five children). Unfortunately, the article didn’t mention whether there was any validity to this farmer’s belief that he could get back to things as usual, once he received his prosthetic appendages. We can only hope, it was more than wishful thinking (and I’m sure that those who voted for you Barack, which didn’t include me and people who could see through your clever Madison Avenue marketing strategy, would like to think they engaged in something more than an exercise in wishful thinking!).

Barack, on Wednesday responsible and compassionate nations began signing a treaty in Oslo, Norway to ban the production of these horrible munitions (of course the Bush criminal gangsters did not sign onto it), that get left behind in countries long after the warring has ended, and they end up maiming children and other civilian innocents. They, of course, have nothing to do with defending this nation or any other at that point, they are only a weapon of mass destruction with no purpose, other than to cause unnecessary harm (Handicap International, says 98% of cluster-bomb victims are civilians and 27% are children). Why did the United States join with ‘humanitarian superpowers’ like Pakistan, China and Russia in choosing to not sign onto this important document? As I said, I didn’t expect the Bush criminal gangsters to sign it, but when you take office, Barack, bear in mind that we have plenty of tools to lay waste to vast populations, and reign down death and destruction on entire nations (and your buddies at Raytheon will do quite nicely when we take part in this kind of activity, even without their preciously cherished cluster bomb munitions), so what is so important about cluster bombs, anyhow, Barack? Why aren’t we able to take the high road, this time around, and permanently ban this dreadful weapon’s mass production?

I don’t know the details of the convention, but I’m sure its sponsors would be more than happy to allow the United States (one of the largest users of cluster bombs in the world) to sign onto to their agreement (even if belatedly). They would understand that we are transitioning from autocratic rule, back to a more participatory form of government (at least I thought we might be, but what you’ve been doing Barack has not been heartening). They would understand that we have had a hawkish group of blood and oil thirsty warmongers leading us for the past eight years (although I see you’ve put one of them right next to you too, Barack, James Jones! Please don’t take his advice on this issue! Frankly, I’m not sure you should take his advice on any issue! Frankly, you’d be better off if you’d just remove him from advising you altogether!). So the international community, I think, could be very understanding and reasonable, Barack, if you’d just come around and do the right thing. You’ve been elected to bring change to Washington, how about starting by taking the road less travelled to get there? Go to Oslo, Norway, and sign the United States onto this important ban on the production of cluster bomb munitions! Thanks for your time Barack, viva la change!