If you saw the fascinating and insightful documentary Who Killed the Electric Car?, you know how GM achieved its slow motion death by a thousand gas guzzlers. A neanderthalic, backward thinking, knuckle dragging mentality seems to have been firmly planted at the height of this anachronistic entity! In recent days, we’ve witnessed a group of out of touch, shortsighted, ego driven CEOs, driving hybrid vehicles, on their trail of tears, toward Washington (of course only after they were prompted to, after having made the dunderheaded faux pas of going to the first meeting in their expensive private jets). The intention of this trip was, of course, to beg at the trough of taxpayer booty!

This picture really reminds me of the bully (in a Hollywood movie) who finally gets stood up to (by whoever he’s abusing), and has a boot (or knife or worse) put to his throat. Do we the taxpayers (via our ‘public servants’) exert pressure on the bullies and let them writhe around in pain (and let the last drops of life trickle out of their broken down limbs and bodies?), or do we give them a reprieve, and an injection of finances to go about their aloof, holier than thou, merry separate ways?

It’s a Faustian bargain that’s been laid out before us, dear reader, but I say the best way for us to take it, is to kick back relax, and put a smile on our collective brows (in these darkest of times)! Just kick back, relax, and laugh, and revel in the fact that at times like these it kinda seems like there’s a God up there in heaven; staring down at us, and looking out on over us all! This God bides his or her time waiting to present the wicked and overly self-aggrandizing with humiliating and ego shattering situations, like precisely what we’re seeing with the auto company executives today (not to mention what we’re seeing with George W. Bush, with Double-U going down as one of the all time ‘great’ pariahs and incapable figures in all of recorded human history!)! God does this to level the playing field for us ‘the little people’ who don’t have private jets (with which to jaunt to Washington or wherever else we’d like or need to jaunt to), but instead have to drive the vehicles of these scoundrels’ making, that drain our puny pockets (and in many cases our bank accounts) as we fill them up, with OPEC’s (dare I say overly) prized commodity!