What facts or evidence bear this out? ‘Cause I’ve seen Obama appoint a lot of cold warriors, veterans of the military industrial complex, Friedmanite economists, moderate to conservative Democrats, and throw change out the window in favor of Clinton era retreads and Washington’s most entrenched and corrupted insiders. We’ve also seen Obama, in the face of Israel’s slaughtering of innocent civilians in Gaza and commission of heinous acts of unconscionable terror, hold steady to the ridiculous ‘justification’ (for his inexplicable inaction) of ‘one president at a time’ while all of this occurs.

I thought progressives were rational and right-wingers were the irrational ones? The ‘progressives’ who were reveling at the Obama inauguration or on cloud nine because of it, are really looking at Obama through rose-colored lenses. If progressives are going to get anything positive out of Barack Obama (and his administration) it will be from condemning his accommodationist actions with the status quo and the Democratic Party/duopoly orthodoxy, and through working to steer Obama towards a more visionary/establishment-challenging agenda.

It’s true one catches more flies with honey than one does with vinegar, but Barack Obama has not even given us (progressives) virtually any basis to assess the majority of his actions as anything other than nearly wholly unacceptable and almost completely worthy of condemnation. The continuation of the idea that Obama has taken all his political actions up to the current point, in an effort to unleash his secret, true progressive agenda, grows more and more pitiable (and divorced from reality) by the day. Barack Obama is not a man of peace, Barack Obama is not a tireless worker for egalitarianism and fairer, more inclusive democracy, Barack Obama is not a man of the people, Barack Obama is not a panacea, Barack Obama is not a progressive, Barack Obama is not for meaningful social change.