I’m so sick of this shit! I didn’t really care for the guy’s music (of course he made some good videos), and he was certainly not Sojourner Truth or Mahatma Gandhi. I’m tired of hearing how the guy healed the sick, and fed the hungry. The guy clearly had major mental issues, and he deformed himself with plastic surgery. He was the quintessential example of the sickness of celebrity in this country, and it’s truly a disgrace that real news like the dictatorship that’s taking over Honduras (not that it would be covered fairly in the corporate media anyway), and Cynthia McKinney’s kidnapping by the Israeli military are shunted aside to remember a very flawed, disturbed and tragic individual.

Where were all these people that ostensibly loved and cared so much for him when he was deforming himself with plastic surgery, hopelessly addicted to prescription medications (that, of course, caused his premature ending) and sleeping with little boys in his bedroom? I’ve never seen anything like what’s been going on recently, it’s truly a mind blower! Of course, this is the same media that covered Anna Nicole Smith’s death ad nauseam, so perhaps there shouldn’t have been any surprises. The fourth estate, indeed, more like professional wool over the eye pullers! Whoever runs CNN, Fox (of course this was already necessary), and MSNBC, please F-ing resign already! For all our sakes, resign immediately! Resign, before an angry mob with pitchforks, burning white sequined gloves on the end of sticks, storms your premises, demanding an end to the 24/7 Jackson adulation, fawning, and sycophancy! You’ll know the mob when you see them, they’ll be chanting, “Bring back Anna Nicole’s rotted dead body!”, and “Long Live the Honorable Howard K. Stern!” This Jackson mindfuck has got to be ended (using any and all available means necessary), I hope you thickheaded corporate fucks can get it!