Has anyone else noticed that if you set aside the vitriolic, hate-filled rhetoric, the irrational ‘argumentation’, and the fact that they are working toward the complete and total destruction of nearly anything compassionate, sane or decent; that these right-wing nutjob websites are like reading the Onion?

Just look at some of the Human Events headlines for today (this is funnier than the Jay Leno show, who I don’t really care for):

Pelosi’s Kamikazes?
Pelosicare’s Costly Formula
Obama and the Abolition of Marriage
The Unaccountable Obama Czar State
Obama’s One-World Government
Dismantling America Parts I and II

Eeessshh, these guys are dingbats… Didn’t the Bell Curve ostensibly ‘prove’ that these kind of folks were the smart ones? Of course, that was a bucket full of holes, like nearly everything put out there by the right-wing.