The McCarthyism on there is CRAZY! I was watching O’Nutjob talking to a former marine (he had been a marine for something like 20 years, now retired), about what inside knowledge he could offer America about the Muslim community (this man was also Caucasian but either had been or was still currently a Muslim American)… I’ve never seen anything like this, but tragically; I assume that someone like Glenn Beck is fully on board with this sort of thing! I’m strongly for freedom of speech and expression but this is beginning to border on the kind of thing that shouldn’t even be given a platform on Network and/or Cable television (not that Rupert Murdoch, or for that matter anyone in the ‘Faux family’, has any sort of moral scruples)!

The kind of things that the Fox nutbars have said all along about liberals, it seems that, they are starting to target towards Muslim Americans (with liberals it’s acceptable, or at least so it seems to be, because they can get off saying they find repellent what liberals believe in, but why are they allowed to say that American Muslims are essentially not Americans because of their faith/system of beliefs [and/or values?])? What’s next are they going to say the Hopi Indians faith is not (and/or anti) American? Who, of course, were here before nearly all of us, unless anyone reading this is of Native American ancestry… Of course, I suppose there aren’t Hopi radical extremists running around the globe; but, at the same time, that’s my point exactly, Bin Laden and his ilk are radical extremists (who only happen to be of the Muslim faith tradition, they could theoretically be nearly anything, girl scouts, sanitation workers, pagans, Wiccans, horse traders, witch doctors you name it!).