I still wake up with night terrors from that speech she gave at the Rethug convention, lol… Seriously though, I happened to catch O’Reilly last night asking her about the comment she made to Couric, or lack of comment really, when she was stymied and could not say one newspaper or magazine that she reads. O’Reilly rattled off a number of publications that he reads. Palin’s response, was that she could already tell how the interview was going to go at that point (presumably one of the most softball ‘journalists’ in the country was giving her a hard time, rofl!), so she had mixed feelings about her participation (in the interview)! And even to O’Reilly she fought to get this point across (and extremely inarticulately, no doubt her people must have coached her how to answer this, this is Faux for chrissakes, they probably gave her all the questions weeks in advance!).

If anyone hasn’t seen the movie Idiocracy, see it (it’s pretty dumb I don’t really like the comedy aspect of it, but the premise of the movie is great)! We are going to be putting Kool-aid on farm fields if Sarah Palin becomes president! And we’ll have to dig up a janitor, or man or woman who walks school children across the street somewhere or something who still reads books (or maybe has a home flower garden) to save us!

I’m wondering if the Bilderbergers, Rockfellers, or someone like that are behind her or something (they apparently aren’t sick of having a dolt lob missiles and wantonly preemptively invade sovereign foreign states; and stupid the rest of us we thought that we were beyond this sort of thing!), she shouldn’t be allowed to have her ramblings heard (or course neither should Bush have, or Reagan for that matter; so I guess we’ve had an Idiocracy for some time, and somehow I’ve missed it, haha; actually not that funny for those of us who have to live here!).

p.s. I even read in an MSM article that 70% of Americans do not think that she is qualified to be president! Even in dumbed down Amerika! And does anyone seriously think that she wrote that book! Of course, that’s not new, I’m reminded of the supposed OJ confession (I wonder where the heck that book went/is I thought the proceeds were supposed to have gone to the Goldman family), and of course every ‘celebrity’ and/or ‘luminary’ that graces a talk show stage hocking some sort of alleged ‘autobiography’ or ‘character building’ excerpts from their life!