Did the spooks get to him too (like they did the Black Panther Party, Huey P. and tragically so many other progressive and revolutionary brothers and sisters along the way; these things are deleted from the ‘official’ history books btw, as Huffington Post, Oped News, Democratic ‘Underground’, Free Republic and numerous others [on the approved, state and corporate sponsored ‘right’ and ‘left’ do from their websites])? Beloved Mike what has happened to you once brave soul brother?

Haha… I’m no poet… Ever since prior to the election (Summer 2008), however, when Malloy was talking about voting for Nader, then seemed to do a 180 for the hawkish, DLC corporatist/imperialist/ugly American Obama; who seemed to be adorned by a cultish, frothing at the mouth fan (fawn?) club (I was reminded of a certain Temple, and a cult of mindless, brainless Guyanese Kool-Aid imbibers; and if you missed the point, I’m not talking about the contemporary right-wing in this country), I’ve been left scratching my head! And Obama’s sycophantic fawn club, of course, consisted of a multifarious multitude of pre-pubescent teen and tween boys and girls (funny I didn’t see any of these boppers at the polls, nor at any of the Town Hall meetings btw, they could have been helpful in pushing for this further privatization of the so-called health care system in this country)! I don’t think I can even begin to imagine, I don’t think I have a mind sick enough, what the CIA does to these young people?!! The fawn club that is, of course, that I’m speaking of; to make them so mindlessly fall in line, behind a charismatic figure (sadly it’s probably our decrepit and dying school system, not the spook industrial complex, that did whatever it is that’s been perpetrated on them and their poor, innocent, troubled little souls).

Getting back to Malloy, however, I’ve been wondering who’s signature it is that’s affixed to the bottom line of the blood money payments that he undoubtedly receives via his snail mail (perhaps these things are administered electronically [in real time?] but what would an honest person seriously be doing having any internal knowledge of the workings of a thing like that?); I’d wager on, at a minimum, a bi-weekly basis. I guess these payments are not altogether injurious, however; they should at least give us some solace (and some peace of mind really), that the Malloys’ daughter and Mike’s grandchildren are eating in Barack H. Obama’s Amerika (led by his team of Bob Rubin proteges, hardliners of AIPAC [like a freshman congress critter/twerp from Florida called Alan Grayson] and cold-warrior, walking human anachronisms, petrified fossils really of the oft-referenced, uber-hawkish and heartily dreaded military industrial complex)!

Malloy’s still raging about what a bastard Reagan was (is there even any debate about that? [just ask the priests and nuns of Nicaragua, they’ll tell you, and, of course, the learned professor emeritus of Linguistics and Philosophy at MIT] or time or consideration that needs to be wasted for the proverbial ‘other side’?), and going on and on about right-wing crazies/crypto-fascists like Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Levine, and all of their lesser known subalterns, sycophants, and boot-licker colleagues in that unrivaled, never duplicated, and eminently distinguished medium of the Two Minutes Hate (and on AM radio, of course, and now Cable ‘news’ organizations and TV shows as well, whoa mama! they’re really stepping into the 21st century! what will be their next conquest? the beta cassette empire?)!

Michael, my brother, did you miss the memo my friend? Because I think you did dear one! Don’t you even know, Michael?, that Obama, Biden, Emanuel, Reid, Hoyer, Pelosi et. al. are the ones who are currently in control of, and who are, the ones de facto (and de jure, I believe, also though I’m not an attorney) running the country (for at least as long as the Bilderbergers and the Trilateral Commission will have them!)? Don’t you f**king get it, dearest Mike? It’s a shell game Mikey, orchestrated against the working people (you know the ‘great unwashed’ mass of men), and all of those who aren’t at the top of the pile (or at least what the corporatists think is the pinnacle)! You arouse the crowd for an election, dear, old pal Mike (selling a candidate like you would an armchair or a premium facial scrub), then you go back to same old dances and games. They are most detestable and outmoded of sideshows, and they are only the most depraved and the basest level of curlicued trots; but they are the same old twisted two steps that have kept the masses at bay for at least up until the present moment in time (well at least in the good old anti-communist U.S. of A, let’s face it this isn’t Scandinavia where they have somewhat civilized peoples/governments/societies)!

The new bastards are not Ronald Reagan (and those now fully sprouted former pee wees of the Reagan Youth movement, and I don’t mean the punk band; they are still pissants, but pee wees it would be imprudent to call them any more), they are Obama and his enablers in the ‘progressive’ and the ‘alternative’ media; and in the smoke-filled rooms of the ossified machinery of the corporatist DP; not to exclude those who are allowed to participate in the ‘left-wing’ blogosphere without being too vociferous of critics of the party and all of its iron-fisted apparatchiks, cyber-functionaries, and yes persons (by that I mean the usual suspects, the Kos’s, the Huffpo’s, and all the other ‘hangers-on’ and folks who are on the take from the corporatist aforementioned DP).

Why does Bill Maher have a better understanding of what’s going on in this country than nearly all the other pundits in the United States do (even the exceedingly perceptive Mike Malloy)? I saw Maher on Letterman recently talking about how the bankers, insurance companies, Wall Street, and the wealthy (those are probably not the precise groups that he mentioned, but I’m going from memory) have one party, and the other party is basically the party of/for the mentally deranged! That’s the situation that we’re left with in this country (still there Mike?) and anyone who isn’t pointing that out, and trying to shed some light on that critical information; and who is instead intransigently blasting away at yesterday’s bogeymen (on one particular side of the aisle), who are virtually totally and completely out of power; is really bordering on the land of the irrational and the seriously deranged!

When does the delusional, and simply being a ‘Pollyanna’ (or something of the sort), merge and become one with the other? IMHO, my former brother Mike, that day came quite a few sands through Mother Nature’s hourglass ago! And not only that, but considering all the 180’s, daggers in the back, and the turnarounds that the Democrats and their ‘fearless’ leader Obama have perpetrated on the American people and/or progressives, then anyone who is still talking about any of that kind of thing (that you are still yammering on, day after day, minute after minute about), is certainly teetering on the edge of rationality (the reality/factually based community), and that of the delusional and the insane!

update: The other day I heard Mike Malloy say that there is no longer a progressive wing of the Democratic Party! Not only that, but he said that the progressives (formerly of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party or the ones that think there still is such a thing) should peel off and become their own entity! He also said that he is an independent, and no longer a card carrying member of the Democratic Party (USA)! So obviously, to say the absolute least, I could have extensively altered this article; I didn’t think, however, that it would have the same tone/energy if I were to have gone down that route. I’m sorry Mike, if you’re reading this (I hope you have a sense of humor, lol), but I think it’s important for people who a lot of folks are relying upon; to be straight shooters, to be true to their ideals, and to have a spine when that is what a situation requires. Folks in this position should know there are a lot of people out there counting on them, and that staying true to and grounded in the beliefs that propelled them to his/her position in the first place, is exceedingly important, in inspiring all those who are out there (and fighting the good fight) to keep on keepin’ with the efforts that they pursue!