I could see this meme coming from a mile away. They were set all along (no matter how meager the legislation) to declare a historic legislative win! After taking all the guts out of the bill (if it ever even had any), and now, presto chango! It’s a historic legislative coup! Throw the bums out! Is the meme that keeps popping into my pretty little head! In my humble opinion, the way that the Dims should have gone about this (right from the first), is that they should have started out going for the dreaded, hated, oft-demonized and profoundly anti-capitalist socialized medicine (just like the system that Marxist Great Britain has!)! And then, when the inevitable compromise came along, somewhere down the line, it could have been for single payer universal coverage! Knowing them (the Dims) they would have compromised even further than that, however; but if they had only done what it is that I’m suggesting, hopefully (in my personal dream world, lol) we could have ended up with a public option consisting of over a 100 million folks (as Prof. Jacob Hacker, who designed the public option, originally conceived of it to be)!

The Rethugs are calling what we have now a ‘government takeover’ of the health care system (sic), when, of course, there is no public option whatsoever to speak of in the bill! In all of this I can’t believe it didn’t come up; that we, the taxpayers, pay for these Republican Senators and Congress members health insurance plans! Why do they accept this? Why do they accept the generous pensions that they get from their ’service’ to America and the great people of this land? Do they think that Walmart (the number 1 employer in this country) provides this sort of thing to all of those who they employ? If people want to start acting like the federal government has never helped them (and is an entity that is incapable of helping anyone else) then they should be forced to be made accountable for their abhorrent views! But since this is all an exercise in lucid dreaming, anyway; in another United States of America, in a land far far away, a United States of America that is a functioning democratic country (and not a corporate/corporatist controlled quasi-fascist one), then I guess it’s all beside the point, nonetheless!

Anyways, Merry Christmas everybody, haha, and to all a good night!