Most the so-called ‘alternative media’ are just outlets for ‘acceptable’ opinion, and ‘acceptable’ discourse of the state and corporate sponsored left (I believe the same occurs on the right as well). Anything outside the lines is nothing other than sheer blasphemy. Blasphemy against the church, state, and party (of ‘progressivism’, or at least what has co-opted its name). On many of the faux progressive or ‘alternative media’ websites, the blasphemers are locked away (with lock and key), while at others they are just relegated to the sidelines (or if we want to be metaphorical about it, the proverbial dungeon). Thus, the herd is kept in line, and the homogeneity of the ostensible left, prevails! Yay! The good guys won another battle! But, of course, the outcome was determined before the clock had even started to tick.

If ‘the left’ or ‘the progressives’ or whoever opposes the agenda of the corporatists, wants to have even the slightest bit of hope (or a chance) to win, we need to be honest and open and front and center about this! Some in the ‘alternative’ media or the online left or whatever you’d call it are working for peace and justice, and others are working to advance the corporatist agenda (I’m sorry but anyone supporting the Democratic Party at this point is engaging in this practice, even if one has the right intentions at heart). I don’t know if the solution is boycotts or strong arm tactics, against the cyber-appendages of the vulgar Democrats, but for anyone who wasn’t aware of this, I’m here to tell you that’s precisely how it is. The strong arm tactics are all coming from ‘official’ progressivism currently, and the ones playing defense (and/or catch-up) are those who are to their left.

A handful of people who have the requisite name recognition are allowed to publish on all of the party’s organs, but any budding future versions of them are given the back of the hand. It seems that the sickness of celebrity in this country extends far beyond the realm of show business; and since most of our communities in this country no longer have any center of meeting or public square, where the ideas of the day can be hashed out (or agreed or disagreed upon freely), then it seems that the ‘information superhighway’, is supposed to substitute for our absence of a political or social (central) space. However, of course, the first amendment does not seem to apply to our present medium; therefore the guts are stripped out of the discussion, if ‘incendiary’ or ‘provocative’ topics are expelled from the debate!

In the ‘alternative’ media there is no longer any serious application of the statement, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Rather the ‘doctrine’ of the vast swath of the aforementioned media (summed up in as few words as possible) seems to be, “Disapprove of what I say, and you will be put to death!” The Obamabots win every time when this ‘doctrine’ proves to be the standard; and free and open discussion in a democratic society, loses every time as well. Moreover, the Soviet-esque U.S. political system marches on, and the special interests and the corporatocracy rule time and time again!