Rofl! Mark McGwire took steroids for health reasons!!? Boy, O, Boy-O I hope that Roger Maris and George Herman Ruth have a sense of humor about this (and are chuckling rather than rolling over in their graves)! Mark’s health was in such deplorable condition that he had to radically remake his body, to resemble that of the Michelin Tire Man! Mark is the human skull still the size that it was back in 25,000 B.C.? Mark, do you think that eye hand coordination is aided and abetted by having 24 inch guns? Mark, how does it feel to know that you probably inspired some poor young kid, living in Podunk, somewhere to put some junk into his system (not that young kids don’t already do such things by their own devices, but it usually tends to be the old standbys of marijuana and alcohol and perhaps a few other controlled substances that are only mildly more severe)! Mark, do you think that your ‘confession’ is going to finally allow you admission into the venerable Hall of Fame?

Mark, do you think that Dizzy Dean got that way from huffin’ on cans of paint and magic markers? Mark? Where’s this going, good buddy? Be thankful for the job you got as a hitting coach, my friend, and zip your lips and keep your head down! The limelight is not for you, former Bash Brother, unless you’re rakin’ hanging curve balls over the fence!