I must admit I was almost afraid to even say that I was rooting for them before the game (only to have them lose 45-3 or some such), but the underdog did it! They pulled out an impressive win! Where’s Brownie (and Bushie) now? Remember the man whose accomplishments consisted of being Joe Allbaugh’s (the previous FEMA director) former roommate and an Arabian horse trader (I’m talking about Brownie not Bushie, whose sordid history there have, of course, been an incalculable number of volumes written about)? The city they willy nilly brought to a near death apocalypse, is now partying like it’s 1999! Who’d ‘ve thunk it? After the rapacious Bush, nearly brought their city to a post-Hiroshima esque existence, New Orleanians can stand up today with pride and joy, celebrate their heroes great accomplishment!