The hardliners for Israeli apartheid within the Obama administration, are even having their stomachs turned by the elephantine Netanyahu. But this is probably not surprising, because one would think that it’s hard to stomach the wholesale destruction of a people, and continual encroachment on to long disputed lands. When the scene continues to escalate toward savagery, however, I guess there can no longer be any disregarding for what’s plain as day.

In fact, Netanyahu’s recent gift of broken glass to Vice President Biden, plays as a great metaphor for the whole dismal situation. A circumstance, that if you can believe what you read in the media, is said to be at a 35 year low. If the U.S. money spigot — and armaments delivery — continues to flow unabated, however, this will certainly all have been manipulated; to make for some good show. The ‘official’ word is, of course, that the Israel/U.S. relationship is tense at the present; but this could all certainly be ginned up, nonetheless, to shoot for some — as of yet — undiscovered goal.

Israel started, right from the first, disregarding Obama’s ‘tough talk’, and his attempts to show the Palestinians that Israel is not his favorite cuddly. The question is, is there a true fissure between them, or what it is that’s up with the U.S./Israeli charade? Time will tell, time may not tell; but as long as such machinations continue to stymie peace negotiations, the Palestinians will continue to be assailed.