Thank God for Republican policy advisers, one of which has noticed that in roughly ten years, single payer will be the only option — they won’t be able to 86 the ‘public option’ then. But until that blessed moment, our dearest Congress and their enabler president will have delivered the booty on to the health insurance companies. And not only that, but now 50+ million Americans — many of who cannot afford to, will be railroaded into paying for ‘health care’ (this must be more of that Wall Street math that we’ve all heard of, that you apparently need a PhD. to decipher)! And should they be so lucky as to even be able to somehow scrape the duckets together to buy ‘health insurance coverage’, they will fear using it because they don’t want to be buried in the additional cost burden of co-pays for the services that they do appraise themselves of. This ‘system’ makes the ‘Soviet gulag’ one almost look sane!

I thought the government was going to take over American health care (if we listen to the Michele Bachmanns of the world, which we should never, of course, do)? Because I think that we need to have a do-over and vote on that happening as soon as is possible! What can be worse than going broke just to get coverage, that’s about as good as a placebo is for a head cold? And that’s what Obama and the Democrats specialize in anyway, sleight of hand, false senses of hope, and the hocking of fraudulent products. And snake oil will undoubtedly make a comeback, also, because it’s at least more cost effective than just about anything the Democrats or the health insurance near monopolies are advancing.

But there are wars to be fought, and drones that need to be refueled, and a nuclear weapons arsenal that needs to be upgraded — plus we just have to have the mother of the MOAB; so to heck with the United States of America and all of its citizens. War is our business, and empire building our pastime, and social and health concerns, come secondary to the true business of this nation; and we all know — more than all too well what that is — and it’s not putting first and foremost the well being of the vast majority of America.