Obama seems to be following in the footsteps of some of his ‘venerable’ predecessors as United States president and commander-in-chief. Men who piled up more than their fair share of body bags, with their time in the Oval Office; men such as Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan and, of course, George W. ‘Junior’ Bush. As long as the U.S. empire continues to persist without radical structural changes, we can essentially be assured of no dove, or peacenik, or humanitarian as commander-in-chief. Obama has escalated illegal drone attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan since his inauguration as president, his talk on Israel has changed, but he still continues to unquestioningly support the apartheid government, and the U.S. just gave its blessing to a death squad leader coming to power in Colombia — who has been celebrated as a ‘democrat’ and Colombia as a ‘role model’ by ‘mainstream’ news organizations. Change has undoubtedly come to Washington, and America is still; seemingly interminably, at war with Eurasia, and anyone that will help us kill or capture Goldstein, we consider to be an essential asset and friend.

Not that they are actually looking for Goldstein/OBL, he is far more useful to the United States government, perennially lurking out there somewhere, then on a gurney or in a cell — or awaiting sentencing from a military tribunal. That way Al Qaeda members can consistently be said to be killed or captured, without worrying about forever eliminating the alleged purpose for the existence of the GWOT. And Goldstein/OBL — or the stand-in/understudy that they’ve procured to deliver his lines for him — can continue to make audio and video recordings calling for the death of those; who are seemingly, more than likely actually his benefactors and friends.

It seems pretty clear that Obama intends to oversee an incorrigible warfare state, bent on global domination, and subduing anyone/nation that might have a different ideology or point of view. I don’t see where he’s substantively talking with others — or listening to people with different ideas in his inner circle — than did his predecessor Bush. Although the world, and even the politically moribund United States had their fill of Bush’s policies, we seem to be getting most of them recycled back to us, with a different titular captain at the head of the ship.

The lies continue to be repeated until the ‘mainstream’ media, and the ever decreasing numbers that are still plugged into it; begin to accept them as truth. Again there is a Middle Eastern ‘menace’ on the horizon, that is ostensibly dealing in WMDs — though there little to no evidence to support the claims about them — and again money must be spent on foreign warring when there are so many domestic initiatives that that money could be better put to use for at home. We have crumbling cities and a growing disparity of wealth in America, but we are ostensibly building up democracies in other regions of the world. Perhaps we could afford to do this, if we had one of the more robust democracies on the planet, but we have one that’s strangled by pay to play elections, deep pocketed lobbyists and powerful special interest groups. Therefore, I think that it’s rather uncontroversial to make the statement, that we seem to be; unequivocally, affixing the cart at the front of the horse.

Of course, this is the nature of a warfare state — and not socially robust one — a Bushian state if you will; and now given Obama’s imprimatur also. Change didn’t come January 20, 2009, and like Godot many of us are still waiting patiently for it to get here. Hardly waiting with baited breath; however, because it’s well past due for a timely arrival.