Krugman doesn’t buy into this competitiveness stuff, that Obama’s been pushing. It sounds to me like Obama is pushing, the old globaloney/race to bottom, model of the Freidmans’ — Thomas and Milton. Of which the “exemplary results” thus far have been the destruction of the industrial base of this country and the concomitant withering away of the middle class. Then, like manna from heaven, Obama puts the onus on corporate “America” to create more jobs in the US? Obama is certainly imbibing some very interesting Kool-aid, it must be an old Chicago/Daley family drink.

Obama appears to be trying to tack on, to the failed junk economics of globaloney, some of the economic principles of the American automobile pioneer Henry Ford. But since “American” corporations no longer have any affinity — or allegiance — to this country; I’d say, that it is more than likely, to simply fall upon deaf ears. Henry Ford didn’t attend the University of Chicago Economics Department, to my knowledge, and it is this kind of autistic approach, that corporate America has been taking to the “science” of their myopic economic thinking.

The spoonfuls of sugar, bear hugs, and sweet nothings that Obama has proffered to the neoliberal Chamber — in this humble observer’s opinion — won’t add up to much. But who knows, perhaps that’s what the intent was, to keep a continuity between the ancien regime of George Bush, and the Obama administration; while feigning a certain “concern” for the plebs. For Obama’s sake I hope that’s what the point was, otherwise the man has been hopelessly deluded, into thinking that the people in the Chamber, are actually flexible enough to reassess their seemingly impenetrable dogma. However, I certainly won’t be one to call it surprising, when the Jeffrey Immelt led panel, comes back with the recommendation, to offshore and outsource actual physical Americans; in order to propel a “sound”, “American” economic agenda “forward”.