A domestic conundrum appears to be facing the Likudnik Prime Minister, while his party and ideological allies, continue to fear what might happen; just to their West. The US/Israeli kleptocratic strongman, that has gone the way of the Dodo — and the ensuing result of that change — appears to be only one, in the events that are now testing Bibi. The Israeli national federation of trade unions had arranged for a general strike, in that country, and Netanyahu implemented these changes — as a response to that call.

Yoel Hasson of the Kadima Party had this to say about Bibi’s newly established changes, “This is another case of zigzagging – Netanyahu’s attempt at survival. He only makes decisions under pressure and panic when he understands his seat is rocking.” The right-wing Netanyahu administration, also implemented an increase in the Israeli minimum wage law. I’ve never been one to cheerlead for Benjamin Netanyahu, but perhaps, it is the case, that he could teach our own Republican Party — a useful thing or more. Americans, however, only engage in such spirited and invigorated actions over things like the release of the iPad, flat screen televisions or James Cameron films; and I’m fairly certain that the last general strike that occurred in this country, happened at some point, at or near the Paleozoic age.