There is a fascinating article that was recently published in the Daily Telegraph. It is fascinating, in its look, into the twisted mind of Benjamin Netanyahu — if nothing else. Written by the former editor of the Telegraph, Charles Moore, who is, of course, a conservative Briton. Moore confronts Netanyahu about how the illegal settlements are not viewed as in step with Western values, and how Israel is increasingly viewed as a pariah/apartheid state (by many in the West). Too bad the controlled media in the U.S. cannot allow this kind free and open discussion of the Israel/Palestine issue — or for that matter — much of anything else. And to imagine this questioning of the tin eared Netanyahu was, of course, all coming from a man of the British right?

The right in this country, seems to support nearly every illicit action that is undertaken by the government of Israel, and even stronger than the official “left” — which is owned by the same lobby. And this kind of frank, vigorous, and open discussion is, of course, totally forbidden amongst the US right (and would lead to apoplectic fits of fury). More evidence of how unrobust our splendid little democracy is here, I should think. Though it is difficult to say, at this point, how anyone — who is not beyond redemption — could put any stock in that particular quaint and anachronistic thought.