Mike Huckabee says that — due to his Kenyan upbringing — Obama was raised to view the British as imperialists. Well now I have to ask Mike how are we to view them? Selfless altruists, who aided and abetted “subaltern” countries to reach self-actualization and their full potential? Mike you must be on whatever Charlie Sheen is smokin’!!? And Mike you want to be president? Why not just keep playin’ that bass guitar, and hosting your disinformation program. You’re getting too big for your britches, my friend!

Come on now Mike, we know that your base is frothing at the mouth, but please come up with some better lies, and obfuscations. Btw, Huck (do your friends call ya Huck? like that buddy of Tom Sawyer?) look at what you’re old pal Bibi just said, about why the US and Israel are bosom amigos, “Britain was a colonial power, and colonialism has been spurned.” Britain therefore tends to look at the Israeli question through its “colonial prism”, which makes the British “see us as neo-colonialists”. But this is wrong. “We are not Belgians in the Congo! We are not Brits in India!” In the United States, the situation is different because the Americans were not colonizers, but in revolt against colonial power. Their vision was “one of a society based on the New Jerusalem, the promised land”, so they naturally saw Israel as “partners in freedom”.

Huckabee would now have us believe, that he simply misspoke in that interview. Did he seriously think that the Mau Mau rebellion also took place in Indonesia? Mike, I sincerely wish you the best of luck in reconstructing your team of political liars/advisers.