The ink is not yet dry on Obama’s signature that he has affixed to this god-awful — and wholly deplorable — federal budget agreement. And Obama is promising even deeper, and more piercing cuts in the forthcoming 2012 budget too. Undoubtedly to be authored by, the insipid gym rat and self-styled budget policy analyst — Congressman Paul Ryan. Not to mention, of course, that another war was started during all of this “austerity”, and the “defense” budget is still greater than that of all of the other world’s nations combined!

The national debt is $14 trillion!!? Therefore, I’d say, that it’s safe to say that, these cuts are meaningless in the big picture, but will probably hurt a lot of folks. And folks who were not at all involved in this treacherous game of 1.5 quadrillion dollars in derivatives — and spurious financial double-dealing, prestidigitation and disreputable chicane. So long as “defense” is off the table, this is all an exercise in cheap, inelegant and sophomoric kabuki theater; and no doubt they’ll be coming for Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security too! And they’ll probably succeed on that score also, considering the zeal, unyieldingness — and the fire and desire and determination — coming from the folks, who would cherish such a coup.