Whilst the United States, France and Great Britain are bombing and depleted uraniumizing Libya into a democratic country, another “peerless” US ally, appears to be eliminating folks — for simply plying their chosen trade. A colleague of one such disappeared physician had this to say about his coworker, “My friend is a very nice, very hardworking surgeon and totally apolitical. He was taken in for interrogation and hasn’t been seen since.” Our “fearless leader” Barack Obama appears to be apoplectic — and have little tolerance for — autocratic leaders who don’t sufficiently adhere to the dictates, and the international policies of the United States. And not only that, but it would seem that the greater the autonomy, and boldness of character that an “unfriendly” regime has towards the interests of the power elite of the United States, the more it would seem that such regimes are met with only derision (and the back of the hand).

Like regimes, however, that do get on board with and “play ball” with the United States of America, appear to fall under a whole different set of criteria, as opposed to those who seek to do harm to, and plot an independent course from; the US power elite’s geopolitical, strategic interests and goals. Certainly then there doesn’t appear to be anything that would be a cause for a surprise — or a stir — or a commotion, in the events that are taking place in the Middle Eastern kingdom of Bahrain. The question, of course, that one would think; however, is who is it that still listens to the United States of America (and its spokespersons) when it waxes on philosophically about defending noble goals, interests and intentions in foreign and distant lands.