The MSM reporting on the recent Rethug debate, IMO was pretty entertaining. They are lamenting the fact that the “stars” (save Tim Pawlenty, who I don’t envision actually gaining any traction), are not yet involved in the primary. I find it interesting that the people that are probably most sincere — as far as adhering to the actual beliefs that they proffer — are being shunted aside by the corporatist “mainstream” media. These would, of course, be the Kuciniches, the Gravels, and the Cynthia McKinneys of the Republican Party. And it’s really a sad, sorry commentary on American politics too IMO. It shows that charisma and the ability to raise money, and to be considered mainstream or “circumspect” or “proper”, are really what seem to be the important factors in the American political deception/con game/charade.

It shows why Obama has completely thrown aside, a near myriad, of his “most cherished” campaign alleged beliefs and promises. The people that actually follow primaries (and this kind of early debate season), are probably radically more informed (on actual policy) than the majority of people that will ultimately be casting a vote — and having their vote counted — on election day, at the polls.