Obama recently told his interlocutor, Steven Kroft, that anyone who challenges his killing of Bin Laden, old west style and in cold blood, might as well be considered — and confirmed as — insane or nuts. Of course, in the Global War on Terrorism we have stooped about as low as possible for some time now, so I guess, on that score at least — our dear Obama’s quite correct. I guess it’s just us “dead-enders” who somehow hang on to this quaint, vague and anachronistic notion, that the United States of America, just doesn’t do this sort of stuff!

Mr. President is probably right, though — and those of us who are interested in challenging him on this — are probably not only wholly certifiable, but also outmoded and incorrect. The barbarism and wanton violations of international laws and standards, are probably what the U.S. is best known for at this point, so though I set out to discredit our dear and respected leader (and what appeared to be an absurd and ridiculous notion); I probably should just defer to him on this, and his noble and incisive thought. Certainly, to do otherwise, is to be considered “lunatic fringe”, a persona non grata, an untrustworthy person, a pariah, or something worse.