Real estate speculator, media maven, and uber rich reality TV show “actor” Donald Trump, has decided not to run for president. Considering that it’s already coming out that he dodged the draft, at one time supported single payer, donated heavily to Democrats, and has all manner of skeletons (coming at him left and right); it was probably a wise choice for the billionaire, philanderer, and some time rodeo clown/carnival barker. Moreover, I should say, that there are more than enough, at the present — of Trump’s persuasion — in the Republican primary milieu.

The Republicans hardly need another diversion, most assuredly, from a field that is already rife with ignorance, red herrings, inanities, triflous fatuity and intellectual squalor. And it should also be noted, probably — that this is what constitutes the “red meat” — for that side of the political aisle. But still, I think that it’s a near certainty that Trump is not needed, however, even in spite of, any of the alleged talents that he could potentially muster. Certainly, Trump’s numerous capabilities, are already more than “admirably” represented by, those who have already announced (and by those who will be campaigning).