Where is our “trusted” fourth estate in this country? As plutocratic forces, continue to lack resistance, and gain ascendancy, then an investigative/watchdog media is more direly needed than ever, perhaps. But the American “mainstream” media seem to be going the other way; however, and they seem to have been going that way — for a long time. In fact, they are more than contented, apparently, to talk about a governor’s out of wedlock children, rather than that, still no one has gone to jail for all of the criminality in the financial charade.

A society in decay, however, will tend to get bogged down in frivolous minutiae, rather than serious, substantial, consequential, and/or life and death stuff. Esteemed economist and former Reagan administration Treasury Department official Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, just gave an interview recently, where he likened the current state of the U.S. empire and economy, to the Soviet one pre its unintended — and decidedly unceremonious — collapse. But a former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, and syndicated columnist has long been 86’d, from the American “mainstream” news media — for his poison pen and tongue against oligarchical forces that control this state.

According to Roberts, lunatics have run the asylum for too long, and there doesn’t appear to be an eject button — or any readily available way out. But the royals are on a Seychelle honeymoon; however, and there are, purportedly, more gubernatorial out of wedlock children yet to be announced! So sit back relax, and enjoy a cold one America! Because the aforementioned “mainstream” news media is not going to let you worry your pretty little heads, one iota or even one little ounce! As long as there are “consequential” sidebars and sideshows to cover, then that will be the stuff of our — second to none — and wholly revered, illustrious, respected and unparalleled “mainstream” press!