I was listening to a radio show the other day, and the host was saying that he really thought that tyranny was the norm. That really got me thinking on that, and I think America was so great for awhile because many of the other Western nations had been destroyed in a war. Now some third world countries are rising, and, of course, the rest of the West has been rebuilt for some time too.

So, I think that the West will probably become more authoritarian, the first and third worlds will become closer together, I think, and the distinction between the two will become less pronounced. America seems to be leading the way with this formula, of course, not being the same kind of social welfare state as most of Western Europe — and also being far less egalitarian — than Japan. And moreover, the US is currently spending vastly more on foreign wars, “defense” and global military bases — than all of those other nations budgetary expenditures on that (combined).

Still, I think that it’s possible that the left and progressive forces, can coalesce — and attempt to bring about change together — and not go off quietly into the dark. And although, I don’t think, that it will be a cheap (or an easy matter), and, I don’t think, that anyone is going to give us anything singularly expeditiously or particularly all too rash. I certainly do not think, though, that I’d be remiss to ask; however, where would all the great social change agents of historical memory have been — if they only set out in their efforts — to achieve their goals right fast?