In a story that I haven’t see widely reported in the US MSM (while it fixates on a congressman’s penis), Margaret Thatcher’s closest handlers, have said that they would essentially move heaven and earth, to keep the Old Iron Lady away from Sarah Palin. And moreover, that it would be beneath the Iron Lady’s dignity to even meet with the one-time, former half-term Alaskan chief executive. Palin who, of course, seems to fancy herself as some kind of indistinguishable carbon copy of the “great communicator” and “Gipper” Ronald Reagan, undoubtedly, couldn’t have been — at all — heartened by the news. But Palin the mistress of malapropia, I certainly do not think, will be dismayed rather significantly, or particularly alarmed.

In fact, I’m all but sure that she’ll continue on, in her silly little bus tour, and with her active reimagining of long settled US historical events. As well as in her feigning that, a failed vice presidential bid, and half-term gubernatorial occupation, actually qualifies her to be our 53rd commander-in-chief. Though, it’s probably just as likely, I’d suspect, that this rather facile (and even farcical) bus tour, is just a promotional vehicle — that her marketing department has rather effortlessly cooked up for her — in service to Sarah Palin (the brand), and not Sarah Palin the allegedly relatively serious civic figure, political adept and “rock star”.