True, that when the masses take up arms against the plutocrats who have wrestled ahold of power in this country — and both of the corporatist Democrats and Rethugs — a guard dog may not actually be able to accomplish a whole lot of nothin’. But I wonder, do they retrofit bullet proof vests for such beasts of prey? And not to be crass, insensitive, morose or macabre, but let’s face it; if and when, the pitchforks and the torches come a burnin’ for the the exurban, the lavish, and the gilded estates, a dog’s bark, certainly won’t be able to put a stop to that of a bullet.

And so perhaps, this is just a sign of conspicuous consumption coming to the securitization of the top .5%? But whatever it’s a sign of, I’d say that, it’s fair to make the claim that it’s not that of an eminently secure, a prosperous and a burgeoning middle class.