Now that euphoria is setting in amongst the bloodthirsty imperialists who pushed for regime change in Libya — under the guise of coming with bombs to “protect” people — are we beginning to see the first signs of this campaign’s inillustrious descent? Pepe Escobar and Reuters are reporting that a friend of Zarqawi, and former Al Qaeda Afghanistan training camp attendee Abdelhakim Belhadj, is the commander of the rebel forces in Tripoli. It would certainly seem then that an enemy of America’s enemy is, undeniably, our friend then too. And it would also seem then, in fact, that this is the very same philosophy that reverberated back on us in Afghanistan (so many years) beforehand! After all America had nurtured Bin Laden and his colleagues, and Reagan had celebrated the jihadis (mujahideen) as freedom fighters, who afterward became dead set against us meddling in their lands.

Isn’t the war in Afghanistan ostensibly to stabilize that country, and cleanse it from all of the Islamic extremism that is said to be a bane, and a perpetual threat there? Is this NATO intervention going to lead, to just the opposite outcome in an (at least formerly) relatively prosperous North African land? The fomenting, and the development of a jihadi safe haven? America and NATO would seem to, unequivocally, be in bed with some strange and sordid characters. And although everyone should have known that the “democracy” coming to Libya, if at all, would be a neoliberal one, with so many Islamic and Al Qaeda-esque elements and extremists existing amongst the rebel population, who is to say that even that meager proposition was simply nothing more than — a mere chimera — or an airy and a fanciful thought?