CNBC is reporting that at a confab for the leadership of the hydraulic fracking industry that a presenter recommended to attendees, getting their hands on a copy of the US Army and Marine Corps counterinsurgency manual. And moreover that the presenter, Matthew Carmichael, stated that the hydraulic fracking industry, was faced with nothing less than an “insurgency” against their existing state of operations and affairs.

Carmichael, the manager of external affairs for Anadarko Petroleum, later emailed CNBC in an effort to defend his comments. In that email Carmichael proffered, “[That] the comment was simply suggesting industry embracing a broader move toward more active community engagement and increased transparency.” We already knew that those chanting, “drill, baby, drill” just three short years ago, had, undoubtedly, had some pretty extensive psyops administered onto them, but probably not too many of us were aware of the fact that this is just the sort of practice that this industry considers to be proper, appropriate, and fair.