Kos bans truthers, Huffpo the same, they all ban people over too rigorous criticism of Obama and/or the Democratic Party — and also too critical of Israel. I recommend that one educate oneself — on the vagaries and the malattributes — of the foundation funded left. The problem is that all of these groups, are all seemingly tied into (and in bed with) the Democratic Party. What happened to that group United for Peace and Justice, for example? When and where will they be mobilizing next!!? Obama is killing American citizens with drones for chrissakes! Obama didn’t even consider the Constitution when he went into Libya! Obama, I think, is more of a warmonger than Bush.

I wonder where Cindy Sheehan has gone? Does anyone still see (or hear) from her anymore? She was legit/the real McCoy that’s why (IMO)! So undoubtedly, I think that it’s clear that — we’ve got to be wary of, and look out for the foundation funded left!